POV Einstein is a motion picture endeavor.

We tell stories really, really well through moving pictures, and that requires creativity, tenacity, a dedication to character and the story, and a repertory of talent we trust.

POV Einstein wraps "En Passant"

Almost ten years after its first draft was penned, POV Einstein completed post production on the short film “En Passant.” Starring a stellar duo of David Sapiro and JP Thomas, shot in the exotic modern confines of Tochi Ramen┬áin 4K using VLog, featuring an original score written by Craig Hoffmann featuring Kristin Holz on violin, “en passant” is one of POV Einstein’s oldest projects that represents a departure from more recent motion picture endeavors,

While details on a premiere remain in progress, “en passant” has already been submitted to film festivals, and hopes are high that the short can achieve the acclaim “Runner” achieved (Official Selection, Indiefest 2015; Bronze Award, Los Angeles Film Review Independent Film Awards; Official Selection, Great Lakes Christian Film Festival 2016; Official Selection, Freedom Film Festival 2015).

View A Scene From "Runner"

Runner: Grant In Need from POV Einstein on Vimeo.