Lafitte The Pirate

Lafitte the Pirate is a feature script Greg completed in 2015 that has been submitted to the WGA and then to The Blacklist, a site where scripts can be reviewed and potentially find production partners. The first review from the site was a positive one, hailing the strong lead and how New Orleans was a living, breathing character in the story.

En Passant

This short film is a revision of a script Greg wrote years ago. Two men meet in a restaurant, and their conversation – and its result – are anything but typical. We’re in pre-production on this piece, but are thankful to have a key member of the cast, Dave Sapiro, to play one of the two roles. Casting is still in progress, with a likely mid-May shoot.

The Lost Keys

Based on the story of the lost coin, this short film is still in concept with a few pages written. A woman loses her keys, and her search reveals both what she has lost before and why she places so much value in them.

Kickass Detective Squad (Working Title)

Two sisters, solving mysteries. We have a concept.